We provide Immersive Solutions that fit to our customers needs

Vast experience in 360 video & photography, Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality, among other immersive technologies.

We ensure results with the highest level of satisfaction, starting from the development phase of the concept, to pre-production, production and post-production.

Always searching for new design concepts and diverse forms of application and use of current and future technologies.

Extended Realities

Immersive Experiences adapted to every need

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Immersive Solutions

A team composed of experts in photography, film production, software developers and UX (user experience) design to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

  • Interactive mobile apps
  • Immersive content distribution & management (web, app, and immersive platforms)

  • 360 / 3D photo & video production (land & air)
  • Holographic production (volumetric capture)
  • Virtual tours (tourism, hotels, real estate, etc.)
  • Product launch events
  • Promotion actions at Point of Sale
  • Marketing activation at expos & fairs
  • Virtual simulators and training
  • Immersive Domes
  • Interactive Mapping
  • 360 live streaming (immersive live shows & events)
  • Immersive Games development
  • Multiple screens interaction (TV, mobile, tablets, headsets)
  • Social networks immersive initiatives


Discover some of our Immersive projects


Virtual car dealer – VR | View

Clarín VR

Journalistic content distribution platform – VR | View

GCBA | Barrio 31

Virtual tour – VR/AR | View


Holographic activation – MR | View

Personal Fest

Backstage – VR | View

Maximus Festival

Promo video – VR | View

Museo de Bellas Artes

Virtual tour – VR | View

Almundo | Vravel

Tourism content distribution platform – VR | View


Music content distribution platform – VR/AR/MR | View

Forest Hills Stadium (NYC)

Institutional video – VR | View

Hotel Arakur

Virtual tour – VR | View

Vorterix 360

Promo video – VR | View

DirecTV Arena

Institutional video – VR | View

Solanas Vacation Club

Virtual tour – VR | View

Radio Disney

Promo video – VR | View

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